Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peace Thugs

H/T: Jack Army

I was over at Jack Army's blog today and came across a post regarding a new watchdog site. Pretty good one too.

I checked it out and here is the "About" description of the blog site, just to give you an idea.

This site is dedicated to exposing the Peace Thugs, the protesters and activists, generally liberals, who are so caught up in their zeal, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their aim.
Their version of peaceful protests is often anything but, their ideas are extreme, and their ability to rationalize bad behavior is unparalleled. The ends justify the means.
Consider this: In the banner on the home page are two pictures. Only one is fake, yet both are unbelievable.
I have long been amused by the actions of protesters who shout for peace, then assault young women, spit on soldiers and curse the police.
I have never understood the mindset of the protesters who claim to only wish to exercise their legal right to protest, and then deface property and attack people.
Peace Thugs are those who are so devoted to their cause and belief that they are convinced that any course of action is justified, such as slapping a young female conservative blogger for having the audacity to video tape them.
This is not an assault on the 1st Amendment, this is a call to end hypocrisy.
I grant that in the world of the liberal protester there are all flavors. There are passive peaceful demonstrators who would never do anything overtly rude, harmful or aggressive.
But there are also those who deface property, assault people, curse people, show aggressive intolerance to opposing ideas and other acts of rudeness. These are the thugs I wish to highlight and expose.
I hope this site brings illumination.

Here is the Link to Peace Thugs.

Check them out and if you can, help them out.

Die with your boots on....



Findalis said...

Thugs is not the word for them. Hooligans is more like it.

For a group of people advocating peace, they seem to have a lot of hate and violence in them.

In the 60's these were the same people who tried to blow up the Pentagon and other government buildings. They rioted in Chicago in 1969.

I hate war. All civilized people do. But if one's nation is at war, you support that nation. In the 60's I was morally opposed to the war, but war a POW bracelet in support of the troops. Volunteered with the USO and even wrote to servicemen stationed in Vietnam to give them some comfort.

I never rioted, I never showed contempt for my nation.

Sorry for the rant. Love your site and put you down as a truth seeker!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out and link.