Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rising Food Prices and the Bio-fuel mandate

Naturally the left wants us to believe that the rising prices of fod and the shortages of food grains is due to Global Warming....

But I think it has more to do with the increased production of bio-fuel. Farmers aree more inclined to grow corn and other crops for use in bio-fuel production when the gov't gives them incentives to do so...not only that but the gov't is also issuing an E-85 mandate to all gov't vehicles that can brun E-85.

I have a little anecdotal evidence that this is a bad idea. One of the Gov't vehicles that is issued to a contractor that I work with on a fairly regular basis is E-85 compatible and so by regulation now must use E-85 exclusively as per Gov't mandate.

Since it is a Gov't vehicle, fuel consumption is logged along with the mileage. Well a truck that used to get pretty crappy 15 mpg or so has decreased in efficiency considerably. After filling up from nearly empty on E-85, we calculated that the actual mpg was that's crappy performance. As per ourt last fillup, the mpg has dropped to 7.2 mpg. We addressed this issue to our Gov't POC and were informed the mandate had nothing to do with price since it is about 60 cents cheaper a gallon currently, but because it was more environmentally friendly...hmmm.

As an additional slap in the face we arequired to go off the installation to fuel since the stations on post do not sell E-85. So just going to get fuel, we burn 2 gallons of it.

Makes no damn sense.

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