Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Athens School 'Attack' Proven To Be False, Girl To Be Charged

Double Dammit....
And here I actually perpetuated this falsehood...
I am going to take down the other post here in abit.
The teenager from Athens apparently made it all up. Great.

She inflicted the scratches on herself. Thank God for surveillance cameras huh? otherwise a bunch of kids coulda wound up in whole heap of trouble cause of one bigoted little girl.


The updated story is here.


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Chrisian Kriech said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment. I've really been bouncing around alot of ideas for my future, and it always helps to have someone say you have potential.

And, yes, Howard is one of my favorite authors. I'm reading Conan the Cimmerian, vol. 1 at the moment. It's the first unedited pure-Howard Conan collections that I've read. Amazing stuff.

You have one interesting blog. I've really never read one like it. Once I read a bit more I'll leave a better comment!