Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gun Control issues, a small rant with some great links

I try to check the Gunslinger's blog out periodically because she always seems to have some great stuff relating to guns and gun control. My Sister-in-arms so to speak.

Since I almost never watch TV and never watch ABC anyway, I missed this "news story" they aired that was a total fabrication, full of lies and false information.

I think what pisses me off the most is how they blame the American constitution for the violence in Mexico...I know, I sort of cocked my head and said "WHAT?!" Utter nonsense, total rubbish.

First of all, while it is true that the Mexican Drug Cartels smuggle weapons to Mexico from America, it's because they steal them or buy them form someone else who stole them. It's not unusual for a drug smuggler to steal a 4WD pickup or SUV and knock over a gun store and flee back to Mexico. Sort of makes the trip over here even more lucrative.

You see Mexico has outlawed the private ownership of any handgun over a .32 caleber and even if you want to own a gun in Mexico, you have to buy it from the government. As a result, there is a large consumer base for illegal handguns. .357 and .44 are popular handguns because they have some stopping power.

The misleading information in the ABC piece is that they show military arms; Assault rifles, grenade launchers and machineguns and they are claiming that they are purchased here and smuggled there. While that may be true, they are not LEGALLY purchased here. They talk of a proliferation of AK-47's and point at us. Well, that is just ridiculous. The AK-47 is the world's most prolific firearm and is found in EVERY country of the world. If they're buying AK's here and smuggling them to Mexico, they aren't doing it legally that's for remind me again how the 2nd amendment has anything to do with this?

Quite frankly, it doesn't.

It is just another Liberal, Left-wing crock of MSM bull.

Confederate Yankee has a great critique of this "news"

And Warner Todd Huston has a great article about this misrepresentation as well.

Along the same vein as gun control and the liberal mindset. I found that there was a post that couldn't go without mention at Gunslinger as well.

You see, the BBC published this great piece about how peaceful and safe it is in America despite over 200 million guns in circulation. So in one breath he's incredulous that with so many guns there is such a peaceful and safe place and then goes on to gloat at how much safer we are here than in England.


Check out the BBC article Here.

Die with your boots on.....


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