Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Global from the Eastern Front

Our media seems to love covering terrorist activities.
And as we have been so astute as to observe, Islam is attacking us Westerners in their pursuit of the world Caliphate.

What we don't see here is the other front: Asia.

In particular, the Chinese.

It's easy to overlook such goings on as we are not exactly best friends with China. First of all, China is a communist state. Those of us that were around during the Cold War era have a real distaste for commies. And with the Olympics being held in China, alot of news is centered around making the Chinese gov't look like the evil bad commies. Fair enough.

However, The Islamic Jihad has not left out the Chinese. The ethnic Uyghur population of China is close to Afghanistan and the growing unrest has caused many Uyghurs to turn to activism in the form of jihadist attacks. the diaspora communities of Uyghurs in other middle eastern countries has taken up the cause as well. In Pakistan Chinese contract workers have been targeted with assassination by the Uyghurs in an attempt to influence Chinese policy towards their Uyghur population.

Just to remind you all, of the persistence and pervasiveness of the Islamic Jihad. In case you don't think about it or don't believe it constitutes much of a threat, open thine eyes blind ones and see.

A pretty thorough article can be found here at China Brief.

Die with your boots on....

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