Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Death to the Infidels!

OK...I have been trying to avoid writing another anti-islam post so soon, but I am completely incensed at this situation.

I was over at Hillbilly White Trash and came across this article at the .

It seems like a regular news article and I didn't see it as being anything other than a commentary on how Scotsmen feel about the increasing immigration problems in their country...just like us.

So, I go to the comments section...yeah.
Most of the commenters were pretty level-headed, ut here's an example of a typical leftard comment:

"Scotland has always been a country of wide racism. The Border Scots Calvinists who populated the Virginian towns and hamlets were the originators of the Ku Klux Klan and kept their kind in ignorance and mystic belief and today the offspring of these uneducated Scots are still the underclass of American society who lisen to Fox news, praise Wal Mart (Junk Mart) listen to Rush Limbaugh and believe that George W. Bush was sent by God. They drive cars with bumper stickers that say Drink Coors Lite and Nuke Iran. They work for Newell Rubbermaid and hate liberals and were happy to take an eighty cent an hour pay cut because Junk Mart threatened to buy plastic pails and plastic scoops from Mexico. They are bred racists from a Calvinist cult that can be found in the voting practices of every red (republican) State and one only has to visit the the working class hovels of Scottish towns to find evidence of a poorly educated populace who are kin to the guitar plucking hillbillys of Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee. Many of the comments that regularly appear in this newspaper, on any subject display much of the same ill educated bigotry we hear coming from the mouths of these descendants of the Border Scots."

If that didn't get the hackles up...

"FOR GOODNESS SAKE! How can you people justify thinking that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of a certain faith is to be held responsible for the actions of a FEW people?
I can't even express how angry everyone's small-mindedness makes me. Have you people never heard the expression 'take people as you find them'? How would you like your whole personality to be judged by one aspect of your lifestyle? Or even worse - by the colour of your skin.
Can you all spare a thought about how it must actually feel to be a Muslim in this country right now? They're subjected to bullying en-masse and the media just encourages it."

So now we have these jackasses attacking Americans as uneducated hillbilly racists and then we have the apologists...

Come on now folks. Let's get real. The Koran advocates the killing of non-believers and apostates. Some small concession is given to "people of the book", being Christians and Jews, but even then they don't have any rights just the "protection" of the islamic other words, submit and work as little better than slaves and we'll let you live....yeah, ok that's the f**king religion of peace...spare me the "stereotype" argument.

I'll argue it for you instead.

No I don't hate everyone that's a Muslim. Because just like every other major religion in the world, the masses are generally ignorant of the scriptures that their religions teach. There are plenty of Muslims that have probably never even read a single passage of a Koran, or for that matter know anything else, they were born into it. I've argued before that I see nothing wrong with the Modoggie cartoons, and in fact any enlightened person even a Muslim doesn't really care much about it, it's just a freaking picture. It's the Hardliners...the extremist Islamics that get bent out of shape over this. Does the average joe muslim call a Fatwa? no, some Imam or Mullah incites them to wrath as any good proselytizer does. I've been accused of fanning the flames of radical Islam by supporting these cartoons. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn. Does anyone really believe that my doing a cartoon of Mohammed as a dog is going to get anymore notice than the plethora of modoggies out there now? What about the Mohammed bears that are being sold on the internet as a reaction to the treatment of the schoolteacher in Sudan? D'ya think that simply drawing a cartoon is reaction enough? I sure as hell don't. My heart goes out to all the victims of Islam, to include the people who are truly innocent because they live in a culture of fear and they were born into.
This is war people. Plain and simple. We are at war, and have been ever since Mohammed started his crazy ass desert cult. I am amazed at the ability of people to deny this. Because they are afraid or just don't want to deal with it, let someone else handle it...
F**king Cowards, the lot of them.
When the sheep allow the wolves into the herd because they've silnced and hobbled the sheepdogs, they will start bleating for help and there will be none.
SO keep your head in the sand if you wish, but I will not.

I will never submit! never surrender! and by GOD,
This heathen infidel will die with his boots on!

Put that in you hookah and smoke it!

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dcat said...

Don't stop! Never give in...see what is happning to me! I am being stalked and have others on the case.