Friday, December 21, 2007

Beer for my Horses

Ok, let's get a grip here folks. How can you really argue for a fair trial against the betrayers of our free nations?
David Hicks and John Walker Lindh. Two different countries, but both betrayers.
Last time I checked treason, especially during a time of war is punishable by death. Maybe not in Australia...if not it should be.
They should have taken these guys out and capped them. Bullet to the head.
But no.
We put them in prison, and have to listen to these Taqiyyah spouting shitbirds say they're innocent. John Walker Lindh admitted he fought for the Taliban and carried a rifle and grenades...oooh. So is that the charge? Or willfully engaging in a war against your own countrymen...sound slike the death penalty to me.
I think we need some "old time" Texas justice" for these two...and any other ones we catch.
I am reminded of a song... "Beer For My Horses"

Toby Kieth and Willie Nelson sing it and it really strikes a chord in me when I listen to it.
Mind you I'm not a huge Country Music Fan, but overall, I'd say the country music artists have the patriotism award hands down.

...grandpappy told my pappy "Back in my day son,
a man had to answer for the wicked things he done.
They coiled a rope in Texas, found a tall oak tree.
Rounded up all of those bad boys, hung em high in this tree....
for all the people to see..."

That Justice is the one thing You should always find,
You gotta saddle up your boys, you gotta draw a hard line.
When the gunsmoke settles we'll sing a victory tune
and we'll all head down to the local saloon.
And we'll raise up our glasses against evil forces. Singin'....

Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses.

Time to saddle up....

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