Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maybe It's Time To Put the Sabre Back On...

Well, I never thought I would seriously consider rejoining the military
since I finally got a decent job supporting them as a civilian...I'm also not getting any younger...but thanks to our illustrious congress, I may not have a job in a few months. While they're sitting at home enjoying their time with their families...most of which time I am working I might add, I am trying to figure out how to deal with the possibility of Government layoffs...According to what I've read, If they don't pass this bill, 200,000 contractors will be laid off...guess what folks? I'm a contractor and the thought is pretty scary. I have a mortgage, bills, etc. Y'know I could probably recover fairly easy if this is just a few weeks layoff or even a month layoff...but if it's not? If it's more than a couple of months, I'm Screwed...yep with a capital S.

So what do I do in the event I find myself without a job? Do I go work 3 jobs trying to make ends meet? Cause that's about what I'd have to do and quite frankly, I've been down that road before and it ain't fun. And it's no way to live either.

So, I've decided that in the event of a prolonged layoff, I'm gonna go back in the service.
Yep, maybe they'll let me back in the Cav...my heart and soul never left it anyway. If this is the case, I'm about to make some extremely life altering decisions here shortly.

In all honesty, I enjoy being a civilian and working here behind the scenes supporting our troops, it gives me a sense of purpose. If I was no longer able to do that here as a civilian, then I'll gladly go back in and rejoin the fight from the front. I know my folks would be upset...cause parents worry and I've "already done my time", but sometimes there are more important things to consider.

Ah well, come what may, this patriot won't let the actions of a handful of legislators keep me down...And even if I have no respect for a good deal of them, I still love my country and just because my 2nd enlistment is done, my oath still remains. I will defend MY constitution...OUR constitution... against our enemies be they here or abroad.

This Crusader will never submit...I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

Scouts Out!

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